General Gynecology in Reno

Routine well-woman care is the cornerstond to long term health. These visits give you and your practitioner an opportunity to discuss your health proactively and plan for a health future.

When performed regularly, screenings done at your routine visit are meant to detect problems early – and early detection can be a significant factor in forming an effective, minimally invasive treatment plan. All of our practitioners perform well woman exams which generally include the following:

  • Urine test to test for sugar and protein
  • Blood pressure
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Comprehensive physical exam
  • Breast exam/Breast Health
  • Pelvic exam
  • Pap smear (when indicated)
  • STD Testing
  • Discussion of wellness topics such as lifestyle, birth control, exercise, diet, etc.
  • Discussion and establishment of plans for any problems that are reported by you or detected on exam.

In most instances we recommend that a woman be seen for a routine gyn exam annually unless otherwise indicated by the practitioner. Insurance coverage may vary for routine visits and we encourage you to become familiar with your policy.

We also encourage women to discuss routine screenings and immunizations with their primary care providers.

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