We are now offering 3D Ultrasound Services in Reno! This amazing service allows you and your family to see your baby with our 3D &  4D technology. With this technology, you can see your baby move, see which parent it looks like most, and allows you to get a sneak peek of your baby’s personality.

The best time to receive your 3D ultrasound services in Reno is when the baby is at 26-28 weeks of gestation. The baby is developed at 16 weeks, but they are very small and not a lot of detail can be seen with our 3D ultrasound services in Reno. Later on in the pregnancy, about 26-27 weeks, the baby “fattens up” which makes the features of the baby more detailed especially the face. After 28 weeks, things are getting a little crowded in the uterus and makes it difficult to get a clear view of the face.

You’ll be able to see your baby in color and you get to take home a recording of your baby’s heartbeat, and 2 black and white photos.

Unfortunately, health care providers do not cover 3D ultrasound services in Reno because they are not a medically necessary exam, so they consider 3D ultrasound services in Reno as an “entertainment ultrasound.” But, with that being said, 3D ultrasounds are a perfect gift to give your daughter, sister, or friend! Please contact us if you’d like to pay your expecting mother’s visit for 3D ultrasound services in Reno.

With 3D ultrasounds, you can see your baby perform movements like yawning, crying, sucking his fingers, and whatever else it’s in the mood to do! It is a memory that you can cherish forever and we hope to be a part of a spectacular memory for you!

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